Dear Members,

we have 2 items requiring your vote at the upcoming General Assembly in Toulouse. If you do have any questions beforehand please contact the EC.

  1. Budget 2020

    EAMTC budget 2020

Financial estimate 2019

Note: Reason for the increased spendings in 2019 with reference to Budget 2019

  • Higher workload for EC (e.g. more EASA meetings, Instructor seminar)
    • + EUR 23.000,-
  • Higher EC travel cost as effect of the workload
    • + EUR 7.000,-
  • Less membership payments
    • – EUR 7.000,-
  • Lulea GA compensation
    • + EUR 15.000,-


  1. Honorary Membership

Legal Base Charter Article 4:

„Honorary members are those (legal) persons that have been admitted as honorary members by the general meeting at the recommendation of the EC“

EC discussed with SB

All 4 members of the EAMTC supervisory board positively supported awarding the honorary membership to Ian Williams, Gunnar Andersson & Michel Voorwinde

EC criteria: “Our recommended member have contributed in an extraordinary manner to the association!”

Ian Williams contribution:

He took over on short notice without hesitation the president position after our first president died unexpectedly.

He raised the EAMTC from a group of enthusiast to a functional association with:

  • Increasing Members,
  • High Reputation,
  • Good working base with EASA

Gunnar Andersson and Michel Voorwinde contribution:

They developed out of the nothing the legal base for our association and therefore build the base on which the association was founded

If admitted by the GA we will produce wall plaques (brass/wood) and present them to the Honorary Members.

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