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QCM has incorporated the latest Acceptable Means of Compliance & Guidance Material (AMC & GM) published as Decision No 2015/029/R of 17 December 2015 into the consolidated version of: –

  • Part-66


  • Part-147

As usual, the consolidated versions can be found on the QCMr homepage for free download after free of charge registration under:

QCM welcomes requests for any further information or queries.

In addition QCM advises that all of their courses include the latest amendments. QCM has developed special courses regarding the latest changes.

Following you find a list of the next courses at QCM:

No.         Course                                  Date
C-014     EASA Part-66 / Part-147     08.-09.06.

C-001     EASA Part-145                   14.-15.06.2016

C-006     Human Factors Refresher    21.06.2016

C-016     OTAR Part-39                     21.-22.06.2016

Q-004    Auditor Refresher                 28.06.2016

C-010    Maintenance Program           28.-29.06.2016

Georg J. Stoecker
Q.C.M. quality control management AG

CH-Belp, June 2016


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