New revision to the QCM consolidated versions

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QCM advise that the latest Acceptable Means of Compliance & Guidance Material (AMC & GM), published as Decision No 2016/011/R of 11 July 2016, has been consolidated into the latest version of their Part-145 (English).

This Decision No 2016/011/R also includes AMC&GM for Part-M, Part-66 and Part-T which will be updated in the near future.

As usual, the new consolidated versions can be found on the QCM web site for free download after free of charge registration at:

Please contact QCM for any further information.

In addition QCM advise that they ensure that all of their courses include the latest amendments. Special courses regarding the latest changes have already been developed.

List of forthcoming courses:

No. Course Date
G-001 Accountable Manager 09.-10.08.2016
C-015 EASA Part-145 Refresher (Hannover) 16.08.2016
C-019 FTS / EWIS Refresher 18.08.2016
C-002 Stock Management 27.-28.09.2016
C-012 FAA Part 145 29.-30.09.2016
C-003 Fuel Tank Safety (Phases 1 and 2) 04.10.2016
C-004 EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection System 05.10.2016

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