Deadline for NPA 2023-10 comments is approaching, with March 4th just around the corner !!!

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Dear all,

our call for comments to NPA 2023-10 (Review of Part-147) was answered by 9 member organisations only. Despite our gratitude to those who took the time to work through this extensive NPA, we are still urging the rest of you to get active in this matter and comment. The new regulations on Part-147 directly affect your organisation on how you have to conduct your training and examinations. Even if we can’t include you at this late stage in the consolidated EAMTC response, you can still comment directly to EASA until March 4th.

You can use this link to the EASA CRT :

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say in this rulemaking.

With best regards,

Harald – EC Secretary

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