April, 2024

Have you registered for the 80th GA in Munich yet?

Send us the questions you want ask EASA about NPA 2023-10 Part-147 and Part-66 – Reg. 2023/989 transition

March, 2024

Keep us updated if your address or contacts change

Candidate for treasurer position in EC

Registration for the 80th GA in Munich is open now!

Agenda for 80th GA in Munich is now available !

NPA 2023-10 Comments consolidated and submitted to EASA

February, 2024

Deadline for NPA 2023-10 comments is approaching, with March 4th just around the corner !!!

EASA publishes 22 FAQ’s on Information Security

EASA presented a webinar on the major changes and novelties of NPA 2023-10. Summary attached

EASA issued corrections to Part-66

January, 2024

Candidates for “Treasurer” position in the Executive Committee needed.

EASA presents update on their Continuing Airworthiness activities

NPA 2023-10 Review of Part-147 for your comments

December, 2023

Season’s Greetings

Photos of the 79th GA in Athens can be viewed and downloaded from our member area

Obituary Jurrien Boer

EASA webinars on Blockchain for Airworthiness and Area 100 KSA for theoretical knowledge courses.

Publication of NPA 2023-10 (B) ‘Review of Part-147 — Proposed amendments

November, 2023

79th GA in Athens – A few last minute details

Registration for the 79th GA in Athens is now closed.

EASA publishes ED Decision 2023/019/R Review of Part-66 | New training methods and new teaching technologies with the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) & Guidance Material (GM)

October, 2023

Request for Suggestions

Advertise your EAMTC membership

Registration for the 79th GA in Athens

EASA Survey on Easy Access Rules

New Supervisory Board member for Airline/MRO

September, 2023

Special ticket rates for participants of the 79th GA offered by Aegean

Clarification on implementation schedule of CR(EU) 2023/989 Changes to Part-66

Agenda for 79th GA

Registration for the 79th GA in Athens is now open !!!

Survey for Nominations for EASA SAB Communities and Activity Groups

Nominations EASA SAB Communities and Activity Groups

August, 2023

Training Management System TMS – request for member feedback

New details for the 79th GA in Athens

July, 2023

EASA’s Stakeholder Advisory Body Communities – call for volunteers

Information on the re-organisation of EASA´’s Stakeholder Advisory Body (SAB) – call for volunteers

June, 2023

EASA gives Update on CR(EU) 2023/989 transition period and Policy paper on “Roles and responsibilities of Maintenance Personnel

Market Place at next GA. Do you want to participate? June 23 is the deadline!

78th GA Certificates of Attendance and Feedback Forms have been mailed

ICAO is looking for a presentation on the use of XR (AVR, AR, MR) in maintenance training

May, 2023


78th GA – Presentations on our website in the members area

78th GA “virtual” log-in problems with WEBEX

Have you registered for the 78th GA ? – Registration closes on May 12th !

EASA publishes Guidelines on “paperless maintenance”

April, 2023

Items for voting / approval by the GA at the 78th GA

Registration for the 78th virtual GA is open now!

March, 2023

Selection of Supervisory Board members the 2nd

Selection of Supervisory Board members

February, 2023


EAMTC General Assemblies in 2023 – Yes, we have a host for the fall meeting

January, 2023

Supervisory Board selection at the next GA

December, 2022

Season’s greetings

Certificates for on-line participants of the 77th GA

November, 2022

Study supporting the evaluation of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA)

77th GA in Kiel – one week to go

October, 2022

Business opportunity

Registration link for the 77th GA in Kiel is open

Hotel reservations and registration for the 77th GA in Kiel

Unintended NEWS mailing due to software problem

September, 2022

EAMTC working group for e-learning and on-line examinations

Get the details for the 77th GA in Kiel

Opinion No 07/2022 – Review of Part-66 and New training methods and new teaching technologies has just been published!

Obituary – Susana Bermejo

August, 2022

President participated in the EASA D4S webinar

July, 2022

Information from EASA

EAMTC and IAAPS sign Cooperation Agreement

June, 2022

Message from our Media Working Group

ATB – Looking for partners in Human Factors project

May, 2022

Request for type training Embraer E190 B1 and B2

76th GA Certificates of Attendance and meeting feedback

EAMTC represented at WATS 2022

Remember to register for the 76th GA “virtual event” next week !

April, 2022

Registration for the 76th GA “virtual event” is open now !

EASA – Request for training solutions in Aviation

Agenda for Spring GA is now published

March, 2022

RMT.0731 New air mobility NPA 2021-15 affecting Part-66 and Part-147

February, 2022

New administrator and new address for EAMTC

January, 2022

Obituary – Alexander Zinke – Air Astana

December, 2021


November, 2021

EAMTC at EASA’s “Stay Safe” Conversation Aviation Live session

The 75th GA, our first Hybrid meeting

October, 2021

ICAO publishes Doc 10098 Manual on Competency-based Training and Assessment for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

EASA Invitation to attend safety promotion

EC Election is open – Ballot forms have been sent to voting members

Registration for the 75th GA in Amsterdam and “On-line” is open now

September, 2021

75th General Assembly in Amsterdam – Hybrid Meeting Update

August, 2021

75th GA – Hybrid meeting in Amsterdam

ISAP21 International Summer School on Aviation Psychology in collaboration with EAMTC

July, 2021

New training offering by Delta Air Lines

We have a host for our 75th GA in fall !

Please send us your comments to EPAS 2022-26

Certificates of attendance for the 74th GA have been mailed.

June, 2021

Business opportunity – Type training courses for Air Astana

“Our 74th General Assembly “virtual” on June 15th and 16th another great success!”

Supervisory Board election forms have been mailed

Reminder! Registration for the 74th GA ends on June 12th

Have you registered for the 74th GA yet ? Only 2 weeks to go !

Supervisory Board elections for GA

April, 2021

NPA 2020-12 to RMT.0255 review of Part-66 has been commented

Registration for the 74th GA on June 15th and 16th is open now!

Last opportunity for COVID-19 membership reduction for 2021 New option for membership changes

February, 2021

Your comments to NPA 2020-12 – final reminder

74th GA postponed to June 2021

January, 2021

Let’s have your comments to NPA 2020-12

NEWS from the EAMTC Supervisory Board

Executive Committee News – EAMTC membership fee reduction due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation.

December, 2020


The 74th General Assembly being „Virtual“ again

EASA releases NPA 2020-12 to RMT.0255 Review of Part-66

Business opportunity – Differences course B747-400 with GE/RR to PW engines

November, 2020

EASA announces 2 Live streaming sessions on Drones for general and commercial users

EC-Project “EAMTC Media Presence Improvement”

October, 2020

Research questionnaire – Blockchain in Aviation

Our first “Virtual” GA a great success!

September, 2020

Additional information on how to participate in the 73rd GA meeting

Reminder to register for the 73rd General Assembly

Business opportunity – TTC Cessna 550 Citation Bravo PW 530A engines

August, 2020

Register now for the 73rd General Assembly Meeting “virtual on-line” event

EASA publishes guidance for allowing virtual classroom instruction and distance learning

How to use information and communication technologies for performing remote audits on to DOA, LoA/POA, AMO, CAMO, CAO and AMTO holders*?

July, 2020

EASA publishes proposed standards for certification of light drones

June, 2020

EASA updates the Easy Access Rules for Continuing Airworthiness

EASA certifies electric aircraft, first type certification for fully electric plane world-wide

72nd General Assembly June 8th 2020

Another post about “Best practices to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID 19 restrictions”

Press release: First companies sign up to EASA programme to monitor COVID-19 operations in practice

May, 2020

72nd General Assembly to be held on-line on June 8th 2020

EAMTC membership fee reduction due to COVID 19 travel restrictions

Press Release: EASA/ECDC issue joint guidelines to assure health safety in air travel despite COVID-19 pandemic

More articles on “Best practices to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID 19 restrictions”

April, 2020

Best practices to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID 19 restrictions

March, 2020

Message from the Executive Committee

NEW AMC’s for Part-66 and Part-147 released by EASA


February, 2020

Don’t forget your hotel reservation for the 72nd General Assembly in Bodø

Have you registered for the 72nd GA in Bodø, Norway yet ?

December, 2019

Seasons Greetings

EASA’s Easy Access Rules for the Basic Regulation published

November, 2019

71st General Assembly at ATR – Meeting summary and photographs

October, 2019

EASA publishes eRules consolidated Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 on Continuing Airworthiness – Revision October 2019

September, 2019

Registration for GA ends September 30th / Items for voting / EASA RMT’s

Have you registered for the 71st GA in Toulouse yet?

August, 2019

EAMTC featured in CAT Magazine “on-line” issue

Comments to EASA – Best Intervention Strategy for “Road/Gyroplane”

July, 2019

Business opportunity for type training courses on Boeing and Airbus

EASA Annual Safety Conference 2019 “Airline operational safety: a vision for the future”

Register now for the 71st GA on Oct. 8th/9th in Toulouse

June, 2019

EPAS 2020 – 2024 and EPAS 2021 – 2025 comments ???

Instructor Seminar 2019 at QCM a great success!

Comments for EPAS 2021 – 2025

May, 2019

European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) 2020-2024 for comments

April, 2019

EASA has updated the Easy Access Rules for Continuing Airworthiness

Instructor seminar in Belp-Bern Switzerland, hosted by QCM – June 4th & 5th

The 70th GA in Luxembourg, another memorable event

March, 2019

70th GA in Luxembourg – how to get to the meeting venue

Business opportunity – Courses for Shop Managers

Only 18 seats left at the 70th GA in Luxembourg

Business opportunity – Consultancy for setting up a Foreign EASA part-147 organisation in India

February, 2019

NPA 2019-01 ‘Aircraft cybersecurity’ is now open for consultation

Agenda for the 70th GA in Luxembourg

Questions to EASA for the upcoming GA

Do not forget to register for the 70th GA in Luxembourg

January, 2019

EASA’s new Basic Regulation e-learning course

NPA 2018-13 Appendix I to AMC to Annex III (Part-66) can be commented

December, 2018

Seasons Greetings to our members and friends

EAMTC Participation in High Level Conference on Drones in Amsterdam

Consolidated EAMTC comments to NPA 2018-11 ‘Certification Specifications and Guidance Material for maintenance certifying staff type rating training’

Invitation for EAMTC members to participate in the 7th Aviation MRO Indonesia (AMROI) 2019

November, 2018

Registration and Hotel booking for the 70th GA in Luxembourg is now open

Contacts for the Supervisory Board

Who wants to join the Composit WG?

October, 2018

EASA Update on Brexit

September, 2018

NPA 2018-11 ‘Certification Specifications and Guidance Material for maintenance certifying staff type rating training’

Please comment on ToR for RMT.0713 Human Factors in Rotorcraft design

August, 2018

Don’t forget to register for the 69th GA in Tampere, Finland

NEW EASA REGULATION (EU) 2018 / 1142 published

July, 2018

Booking for the 69th EAMTC GA in Tampere now open!

June, 2018

Members should comment on PIA before July 9th to the president!

EAMTC Instructor Seminar will be held in 2019

EAMTC Executive Committee meets with EASA

May, 2018

UK CAA responds to EU decision on “Third country” status after Brexit

April, 2018

EU Commission decided United Kingdom will be “Third Country” after March 30th 2019

The new Charter (AoA) is now officially notarized!

68th GA in Amsterdam strengthens EAMTC for the future

68th GA Meeting – Agenda

68th General Assembly Meeting – “Meeting registration closed”

March, 2018

Invitation to the General Membership Meeting – Items for voting in Amsterdam

Registration for the 68th GA meeting / List of participants

Registration for the 68th GA meeting / Meeting Agenda

February, 2018

Booking for the 68th EAMTC GA in Amsterdam now open!

New Membership

January, 2018

New website – EAMTC’s VAT number – Spring meeting in Amsterdam

December, 2017

On Air, Issue 18: Partnership in cybersecurity: A matter of urgency

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for the New Year

New Membership

Proposal for co-operation to promote Nepal’s Aviation

October, 2017

B2 Instructors wanted!

67th GA Meeting registration closed as of October 25th.

67th General Assembly Meeting on Nov. 6th and 7th

March, 2017

66th EAMTC meeting closes to great acclaim

February, 2017

EASA cooperate with CERT-EU on cybersecurity

New joint ADSE- COG GMBH programme has been published.

EASA news on EPAS

On Air, Issue 13: New Start for Rotorcraft


New membership

January, 2017

New Memberships

Οlympic Air’s Technical Training Center upcoming Maintenance Type Rating Courses

December, 2016

Thomas Cook advices the next courses for the new year. Boeing 737NG

NPA 2016-20 ‘Appendix I — Aircraft type ratings for Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence’ is now open for consultation on the EASA website.

EASA Validated Sukhoi Superjet LR Version

1st EASA Workshop on Evidence-based Training on 1 February 2017

Flight Training International signs for implementation of training and resource management system MINT TRMS

Boeing 787 (GEnx) (RR Trent 1000) Type Courses under part 147 Approval with Air France Industries KLM E&M

November, 2016

EASA and the world of Drones

DEKRA tests and certifies world’s largest Laser Coating Removal robot

EASA published deliverable ‘Technical records’ & CRD to NPA2014-04


New Memberships

October, 2016


New EAMTC OSD position paper published today.

New revision to the QCM consolidated version

General Document on Exams and Assessments available

NLR draft report – Next generation a/c and the possible risks for maintenance

Boeing 777 (GE90) PRACTICAL ONLY course with AFI-KLM E&M

infoWERK i-news 16-04 released

65th EAMTC meeting closes to great acclaim

New Executive Committee Elected

September, 2016

New revision to the QCM consolidated version of Part 66 and Part T

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