NPA 2023-10 Comments consolidated and submitted to EASA

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Dear all,

the comments we received before Friday, March 1st, we included in the consolidated EAMTC comments. Please note, that as part of the consolidation some of your comments may have been altered / reworded to be in line with other similar comments received. A few statements which were opposing the general view of the members or where we failed to understand the reasoning behind have been omitted. That’s why we asked all of you to submit your comments also to EASA directly.

Here you can see a copy of the comments submitted as EAMTC. EASA CRT application – Comments

A big thanks to Carlos who did the consolidation preparations and to all of you who took the time to go through the NPA and send us your comments. Apologies to the ones who sent us their comments too late so we were unable to include them.

Best regards,

Harald – EC Secretary

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