About the EAMTC

Promoting safety through training and best practice

Being keenly aware of the unique role that training provides in ensuring and promoting safety, the EAMTC promotes safety through training via its meetings, interaction between members and its relationship with other industry bodies. Training best practice is promoted in the same manner and via Guidelines and Recommendations publications made available to members.

Representing the training industry

The EAMTC represents its members by providing a unified industry voice towards EASA and other industry bodies.

Industry Issues

The EAMTC is proactive in offering solutions to industry issues. Working Groups tackle issues of common concern with the outcomes being shared between members and the regulatory authorities, as appropriate. The status of Working Groups is available via the EAMTC web site. Additionally, the EAMTC reacts to foreseen problems and advises members accordingly.

Industry changes and trends

Through its members, close contact with regulatory authorities and major industry players, the EAMTC is able to monitor legislative and industry changes and trends and bring them to the attention of members.

Network with the world’s aviation training industry

Bringing together people from all branches of the training industry with the right balance between personal and business contact that permits friendly but meaningful interaction, the EAMTC provides the ideal network environment to share experience and interact with industry colleagues and fellow professionals. Comprising of leading players in aviation maintenance training the EAMTC is the ideal vehicle for the dissemination of information.


The EAMTC keeps its members and industry colleagues informed through its email distribution, twice yearly meetings and its web site. EAMTC meetings are gaining an increasing reputation as the venue for aviation maintenance training experts. With access to the industry experts within the membership and regulatory authorities, the EAMTC keeps members continually up to date with industry trends and developments as well as changes to European aviation legislation.


Membership of the EAMTC brings a host of collaborative opportunities. As well as the benefits of attendance at EAMTC meetings and instructor seminars there is unfettered access to the archive of EAMTC meeting materials and Guidelines and Recommendations documents.

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