Working Groups are an important aspect of the EAMTC’s activities. They comprise a small number of volunteer specialists from the membership. They are established for issues of common concern or importance to our industry.

The outcomes of the working groups may result in an EAMTC Guidelines and Recommendations document or an EAMTC Position Paper being issued.

Members may log in at the Members Area of the web site to follow the progress of the working groups between General Assembly meetings. Web site links are also provided to the Guidelines and Recommendations and Position Papers.

Article 8 of the Charter deals with Working Groups: –

8.1 The General Assembly may form Working Groups as needed.

8.2 A Working Group is installed by proposal of a General Assembly member or the Executive Committee.

8.3 The President of the General Assembly appoints all Working Group Presidents.

8.4 The General Assembly will formulate the assignment.

8.5 The Working Group President must report on the progress of the activities in every General Assembly meeting.

8.6 The Working Group President will present the final result of the activities for voting in the General Assembly.

Working groups currently in operation are shown below.


EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB)

Hans Mayer, EAMTC President, represents the EAMTC at the EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB)

Hans-Jörg Lotter, (infoWERK) as back-up member


The EAMTC has members on the following EASA Technical Advisory (TEC) Groups

Engineering and Maintenance (EM-TEC)

  • Filippo Di Silvestro (Leonardo Helicopter)
  • Fabrizio Ferrara (Next AT)
  • Marc Arndt (Cargolux)
  • Nans Savrimoothoo (Air France)

Design and Manufacturing (DM-TEC)

  • Luigi Baldini (ATR)
  • Jaap Lameris (NLR)


EAMTC is also representetd at ICAO

The ICAO working group is chaired and represented by:

Soren Rasmussen (SAS)

and has the following members:

  • Nigel Slatery (Cathay Pacific)
  • Brian McNelly (Flight Safety Int.)
  • Michael Bourgois (IAAG)
  • Nusret Bulent Topcu (Turkish Airline)
  • Murat Kose (Turkish Airline)


EAMTC internal working groups at present resting awaiting outcome of EASA survey for further recommendations:


APPENDICES TO AMC to PART-66 –  APPENDIX II –   Aircraft Type Practical Experience and On-the-Job Training – List of Tasks

The WG’s scope is “To examine all aspects of the Appendix II to the AMC of Part 66, Aircraft Type Practical Experience and On-the-Job Training – List of Tasks, in order to recommend improvements”

The WG President is Soren Rasmussen of SAS.


Basic Training

The WG will review and make recommendations for the Basic Training areas of Part 66 and Part 147.

Harald Strehling of infoWERK medien & technik is the President of this WG.


Review of Part 147

The WG will examine all aspects of Part 147, including its AMC and GM and make recommendations for improvements.

Dr. W.N. Chung, the Head of Technical Training at HAECO is the WG President.


OSD – CS-MCSD (Certification Specification – Maintenance Certifying Staff Data)

The WG’s purpose is  “to develop Guidelines and Recommendations for the sake of operational safety, on those items that the TCH may provide to Part 147 AMTOs to be considered as part of the training syllabus for the aircraft type”

The WG President is Filippo Di Silvestro, the Training Manager at Leonardo Helicopters. Filippo is also a member of the EASA WG on this task.

Working Groups group members:

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