Comprising the President, Secretary, Treasurer , the Executive Committee is committed to serving the needs of the EAMTC and its members.

The General Assembly (membership) is the highest decision making and statutory organ of the EAMTC. (art 14.1)

The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for overall policy and direction and day-to-day  operations of the foundation. (art.8.1)

EC members are elected every four years. (art 9.2) The present EC was first elected in November 2017 and re-elected in November 2021.

Executive Committee group members:

As explained in the Charter, the EAMTC is based on cooperation between organisations.


  • members come from all domains associated with maintenance training
  • has a good balance of personal and business contact that permits friendly but meaningful interaction between participants
  • is the organisation for anyone associated with maintenance training

If you have any questions about the EAMTC or about joining, please use the “Contact” tab to contact an EC member.

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