Research questionnaire – Blockchain in Aviation

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We received this request for participation in a survey from our member Robert Sutherland from Air Service Training Ltd:

I hope this email finds you safe and well.

I am conducting research into the uses of blockchain in aviation, specifically on how it may bring improvements in traceability, transparency and communication to the 145 and 147 environments.  To enable me to have a good pool of opinion from those in the industry I wondered if you be so kind as to distribute the survey to EAMTC members or provide a business contact list for members that I may send the survey direct.

If I need to complete any forms or other documentation for data protection purposes then please direct me to where I may do this.  I have attached a copy of the signed consent form I am using for the University and also a word version of the questionnaire.

Masters Research Questions       Rsearch Participant Information (Non-online) v1.0

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Best regards

Robert Sutherland CMgr FRAeS

Air Service Training Ltd 

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