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Dear all,

I have sent you notice about  NPA 2020-12 for RMT.0255, the review of Part-66. : https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/npa_2020-12.pdf on December 1st 2020 for your comments.

As this NPA includes regulation changes with a significant impact on all aspects of training (basic – , type – and OJT), please take the time and review it carefully. To ease the task, we have prepared a matrix indicating the changes to the existing rule, possible implications and also some comments we received already.

EAMTC response matrix: RMT-Part-66-NPA- Commented Prot

To maintain the format of this spreadsheet, columns A thru F are protected and cannot be altered. Columns G thru K are set up for your entries.

You can add your comments to existing ones, please add your name in case we have to clarify entries, as long as the topic and the page references are the same. If it differs you can insert another line and enter your reference. Please do not use a different format to respond.

You can send your comments till February 19th, 2021 to Carlos  Mail: carlos.unger@terra.com.br  and  cc:  secretary@eamtc.org

Carlos is going to compile your comments, so the EC can send the consolidated EAMTC response to EASA.

We need your response to convey your views.

Thank you and best regards,

Harald – EC-Secretary

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