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Dear all!

The new structure of the EASA Stakeholder Advisory Body – SAB will consist of the SAB plenary and six new communities, which will be set up now.

(You can find more details in our NEWS posting from July 3rd.)

Those communities will be for General Aviation, Drones, Rotorcraft, Aerodromes, ATM/ANS and Commercial Aviation.

This core structure will be complemented by activity groups, which will either focus on a specific subject or a project and will therefore be either of non-permanent nature or as activity groups of permanent nature for longer lasting issues.

These new communities will be open for interested members of EAMTC as accredited community member. On the one hand the members will gain online access to the subjects and topics of their communities and respective activity groups, on the other hand they can also raise topics which will then be decided by the community steering groups regarding further actions.

You can raise your hand to become member of one or more activity groups. The possible workload will vary as it will depend on the different topics and projects.

Please complete the attached 5 min. survey if you are interested to be active in one or more of the listed communities and also if you do not want to be involved so we can be sure we did not leave anybody out.

To complete this survey you can use this link:

or scan this QR code: 

With best regards,

Hans Mayer – President

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