Comments to EASA – Best Intervention Strategy for “Road/Gyroplane”

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Dear all,

with respect to EPAS 2020/2024 EASA is considering to include Gyroplanes above 600Kg in a new rulemaking task. This would include additional AML categories B1.5 and B1.6 as well as new modules:  M18 and M19 for Appendix I of Part-66.

Therefore, it will impact our business.

Read more:  BIS Road Gyroplane for AB – EPAS 2020 – 2024

EAMTC has been asked to comment on this Best Intervention Strategy (BIS) before 16 September 2019.

To enable us to give a timely, consolidated response to EASA, please send your comments until 10 September latest.

You can complete and mail the  BIS road gyroplane questionnaire EAMTC  or your individual comments to the president.

Best regards


EC Secretary

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