DEKRA tests and certifies world’s largest Laser Coating Removal robot

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Arnhem,  November  23,  2016

DEKRA  tests  and  certifies  world’s  largest  Laser  Coating  Removal  robot  for  LR  Systems     Robot  will  deploy  20kW  laser  to  remove  paint  from  any  size  commercial  and  military  aircraft     Leading  expert  organization  DEKRA  will  test  and  certify  the  world’s  largest  innovative  Laser  Coating   Removal  (LCR)  robot  for  LR  Systems  BV.  The  robot,  developed  by  LR  Systems,  will  deploy  a  20kW  laser   to  remove  paint  from  any  size  commercial  and  military  aircraft  with  the  greatest  precision.  In  addition,  the   robot  allows  a  faster  and  cleaner  removal  process  than  contemporary  methods  and  contributes  to  a   significantly  reduced  aircraft  ground  time.  Paul  van  IJsselstein,  CEO  of  LR  Systems  B.V.:  “I  am  delighted   that  DEKRA  will  support  our  global  LCR  team  and  I  am  confident  that  the  development  and  roll-­out  of  the   first  system  will  benefit  from  DEKRA’s  specific  knowhow  and  expertise.  With  DEKRA’s  expertise,  we  can   further  strengthen  our  global  robotic  solutions  for  the  maintenance  industry”.     DEKRA  will  be  involved  in  the  entire  testing  and  certification  process,  from  the  evaluation  of  the  safety   concept,  the  testing  of  components,  and  Factory  Acceptance  Testing  on  location  to  the  installation  of  the   first  LCR  Robot.  Bert  Zoetbrood,  globally  responsible  for  the  Product  Testing  &  Certification  division  and   CEO  of  DEKRA  in  the  Netherlands:  “Next  to  our  commitment  to  safety,  we  are  further  intensifying  our   focus  on  innovative  and  high  tech  segments  with  services  such  as  EMC  (Electro  Magnetic  Compatibility),   cybersecurity,  functional  safety  testing,  electrical  safety,  and  international  market  access.  Our  involvement   in  supporting  LR  Systems  in  the  development  and  deployment  phases  of  the  LCR  robot  ties  in  seamlessly   with  our  ambitions.  We  provide  integrated  services  globally  for  innovative  products  every  step  of  the   development  process  until  the  new  product  reaches  its  market.”

Note  for  press:  For  more  information  about  LR  Systems,  please  contact  Eveline  Kratz,,  +31  (0)6  11  00  3432.  For  more  information  about  DEKRA,  please  contact   Stan  Hendriks,  stan.hendriks@dekra.comstan,  +31  (0)88  9683323.     About  LR  Systems   LR  Systems  expects  to  deliver  LCR  systems  to  customers  worldwide  in  the  aerospace  sector  as  well  as  in   maritime,  oil  and  gas,  and  transport.  LR  Systems  develops  large  robotic  solutions  for  maintenance  on   commercial  and  military  aircraft  &  helicopters.  The  Laser  Coating  Removal  robot  (LCR)  is  a  state-­of-­the-­art,   sustainable,  high  performance  paint  stripping  solution.  LR  Systems  is  the  only  company  that  can  provide   this  solution  to  the  market  and  that  is  committed  to  the  introduction  of  autonomous  solutions  in  the   maintenance  chain  of  capital  goods.  The  company  is  committed  to  sustainability  and  to  the  reduction  of   CO2  emissions  in  addition  to  enhanced  employment  opportunities:  through  stimulation  of  local  capability   development,  improved  profitability,  and  competiveness  of  the  industry.
About  DEKRA   DEKRA  has  been  active  in  the  field  of  safety  for  90  years.  Founded  in  1925  in  Berlin  as  Deutscher   Kraftfahrzeug-­Überwachungs-­Verein  e.V.,  it  is  today  one  of  the  world’s  leading  expert  organizations.   DEKRA  SE  is  a  subsidiary  of  DEKRA  e.V.  and  manages  the  Group’s  operating  business.  In  2015,  DEKRA   will  generate  sales  totalling  approximately  2.7  billion  Euros.  The  company  currently  employs  more  than   37,000  people  in  more  than  50  countries  on  all  five  continents.  With  qualified  and  independent  expert   services,  they  work  for  safety  on  the  road,  at  work  and  at  home.  These  services  range  from  vehicle   inspection  and  expert  appraisals  to  claims  services,  industrial  and  building  inspections,  safety  consultancy,   testing  and  certification  of  products  and  systems,  as  well  as  training  courses  and  temporary  work.  The   vision  for  the  company’s  100th  birthday  in  2025  is  that  DEKRA  will  be  the  global  partner  for  a  safe  world.

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