Who wants to join the Composit WG?

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During the last GA in Tampere the members voted in favour of having a working group (WG) on composits:

Here are the details:


To work together with the CACRC task group on the damage assessment white paper and provide comments and advice on the training content.

The objective is to reach a consensus on the training content and set a minimum standard on the composite knowledge required by a licensed engineer.

Expected Outcome:

A training syllabus/ guideline for existing license engineer to upgrade their knowledge in composite and train the skills required for performing damage assessment on composite aircraft. The syllabus is to be endorsed by the SAE and CACRC for industry wide recognition and acceptance.


The syllabus is expected to be completed by early 2020.

WG composition:

Chairman + 4 to 8(max) members with representatives from MRO, Airlines, AMTO and Authorities

Meeting and communication:

WG meetings are to be arranged together with the EAMTC meetings, i.e. 2 meetings per year and most of the communication will be done using emails or by Webex. No separate travels are expected.

Interested parties please contact the WG chairman Dr. W.N. Chung per e-mail – WN.CHUNG(at)haeco.com and cc secretary(at)eamtc.org

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