Last opportunity for COVID-19 membership reduction for 2021 New option for membership changes

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Dear members!

As we announced in our NEWS on January 19th 2021, the EC is granting a membership reduction of EUR 500 for the year 2021 due to the special circumstances of the pandemic. If you wish to have this reduction granted please inform our Administrator Ricardo immediately. The invoices for the membership fee will be sent out at the beginning of May and requests received thereafter cannot be taken into account.

We know many organizational changes have taken place in our industry. Some longstanding EAMTC supporters have ended up with a different company or decided to make a move for self-employment. We don’t want to loose them in our community.  The EC has decided that any individual who has been registered as member, or as part of a member organization, for more than 4 years can re-apply for new membership individually, or for his new company, without having to pay the initial registration fee.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

best regards,

Harald – EC Secretary


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