Supervisory Board selection at the next GA

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Dear members,

Article 12 of our charter requires us to have a supervisory board. The respective by-law states:

Selection of Supervisory Board Members
Each group of interest, as defined above, selects one representative amongst themselves to
represent the group. The selection is done by single majority vote. A selection must be done
every two years. If a supervisory board member steps down or is no longer available /
accepted for whatever reasons for the task, a new representative will be selected ultimately
during the next GA meeting. Members of the supervisory board cannot come from the same
company as an EC member.

Our groups of interest (stakeholders) are currently represented by:

Type training :   Georg Voit – Aero Bildung    –   volunteers for another term

Basic training:    Edwin de Vries – AM&TS       –   volunteers for another term

MRO/Airline:      Marc Arendt – Cargolux       –    stepping down

OAM/OEM:        Christian Delmas – Airbus     –   volunteers for another term

We do have one volunteer for the MRO/Airline position.    Maria Eugenia Isabel Olmos – Iberia.

Any member who wants to step forward as a new SB member candidate, representing his group of interest, please inform the undersigned no later than February 28th.

Based on the experience gained with the interactions of EC and SB board we suggest to extend the term for the SB board from 2 to 4 years to reduce the administration effort. To change the provisions of the by-law this change has to be voted on by the GA during the SB selection process.

With best regards,

Harald – EC Secretary

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