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Dear members,

we just got this information, I might be useful for some of you:

Following numerous stakeholders’ requests, EASA finalised and released the XML (machine-readable) format of Easy Access Rules.

Easy Access Rules were shared, so far, in 2 formats: in pdf and as online publication. With the new XML format, we are now offering a possibility for integration of our eRules data with other applications in your organisations.

We made available 28 different Easy Access Rules in the XML format on the EASA website. The relevant documentation and guidelines on how to use them can be found here: Easy Access Rules XML export – Powered by eRules | EASA (

We hope that we can further contribute to achieving efficiency gains across the EASA system with this new eRules format.

We invite you use it and provide us with your feedback on your experience, using the contact function on the above mentioned website.

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