EC Election is open – Ballot forms have been sent to voting members

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Dear members,

as previously announced at the 74th GA and in our NEWS on September 21st, 2021 the General Assembly has to elect an Executive Committee for another 4 year term.

Without having the opportunity of a face to face GA for all, we request the recorded voting member of each organization, to complete the ballot forms which have been mailed to elect the EC members.

Any voting member which has not received the mail with 2 attachments (Instructions and ballot form) please check if one of your colleagues received it, if not, please contact the undersigned

All three EC members have volunteered to stand for another term.No other nominations or recommendations for any of the EC positions have been received from other members to date.

If you yourself, or another member still want to step forward, an additional name can be added on the ballot form.

After having completed the form, a scanned or photographed copy shall be sent per E-mail to:

Romain Wagner our trusted returning officer:

Please make sure you mail your ballot form before November 5th, 2021 to give Romain time to verify and count all votes.

The results of the EC-elections will be announced on November 10th, the second day of the 75th GA.

In addition you can see the election results also in the members area of our website under “75th General Assembly” with all other information.

If you do have any questions, please contact me immediately.

Best regards,

Harald Strehling

Executive Committee – Secretary


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