78th GA “virtual” log-in problems with WEBEX

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Dear participants,

we had two successful trial runs with our presenters with no log-in issues whatsoever on Monday and an additional test run Tuesday morning. At the start of the actual GA we received many messages from members not being able to use the WEBEX meeting information received to join the meeting. Others had no problem joining as usual, like in previous meetings were this was not an issue.

We as EC are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by WEBEX who must have made some changes during an update unknown to us. By looking into the meeting set up there are no options to improve or change the existing log-in provisions so we are giving you some hints what did work for some members:

1. Download the Webex app 64 bit  (any other version did not work)

2. Create an account

3. Then enter the meeting with the invitiation and click join meeting

4. Then choose “Sign in” (not guest) with your e-mail and the webex password you created when downloading the app.

Alternatively, this worked for some members:

1. Instead of “join” click the meeting link in your invitation

example:        https://amtaceu.my.webex.com/amtaceu.my/j.php?MTID=mbadbac6c63db8a84018fa749a602de97

2. Enter the password shown in your invitation

example:       3exSWbmPS36           (33979267 from phones and video systems)

We hope this will be successful, once again sorry for the inconvenience beyond our control.

Please note: Whilst running the WEBEX meeting I cannot respond to any e-mails sent to me. My outlook needs to be off in order to operate WEBEX. Contact treasurer@eamtc.org  or president@eamtc.org instead.

Hoping this will allow you to participate on the second day.

With best regards,

Harald EC-secretary

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