The 75th GA, our first Hybrid meeting

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Together again…



After 2 years of on-line meetings, 50 members had the chance meet physically in Amsterdam. Having the possibility to meet in person and to socialize was well appreciated. Our presenters, the audience, present and on-line, and the excellent organization, done by our host ROC, made this meeting a great success.

We made the effort to have live video coverage for our on-line participants trying to give them a better experience  about being involved in this GA. As per the comments received, this did work very well. However, we are aware that even with the best technology this cannot be compared with physical presence

How the future GA’s are being held will greatly depend on having a host and the Covid restrictions on traveling at the time. We will keep you informed.

All presentations and additional information pertaining to this GA have been uploaded in the members area.

Certificates of attendance for all the registered on-line participants and our feedback forms have been mailed last week. Please let us know what you liked and what can be improved.

Till we meet again, stay safe and healthy,

your Executive Committee,

Hans, Harald and Soren

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