President participated in the EASA D4S webinar

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This EASA initiative is aiming to improve safety by sharing data collaboratively on one platform instead of collecting it in silos as it is common today.

Data for Safety (D4S) initiative background information and a video explaining the status can be find following this link: DATA4SAFETY | EASA (

EAMTC supports this initiative and sees it as a step in the right direction. However, the focus of analysis today is on Flight/Traffic Data, Safety Reports and Weather Data.

Unfortunately, maintenance and maintenance training in particular are not yet sufficiently in focus.

But past and present have shown that only experts can handle complex system functions and capabilities, just look at how we handle our everyday computer and programs, or cell phones, not utilizing all system capabilities.

Trust in technology is good, but we must assure that the people handling the systems are competent with the right knowledge, skills and attitude which needs to be kept up to date while their working lifespan, especially when we move towards increasing complexity and information.

For this reason, EAMTC, in cooperation with EASA, has launched an initiative to collect maintenance data for maintenance training in order to closing this data analysis gap to make maintenance and its staff fit for the future

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