Autumn 2018 – 69th Meeting in Tampere, Finland

About the event

This GA in Tampere, Finland on October 9th and 10th 2018 is jointly hosted by Tampere Vocational College and Savo Vocational College.

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is a regional upper secondary level college in the second largest city region in Finland. The City of Tampere is the official education provider under which Tampere Vocational College Tredu operates. The roots of Vocational Colleges in Tampere date back to 1890’s. Nowadays there are approximately 12 500 basic vocational qualification students, 1800 further qualification students, 1200 specialist qualification students. Around 500 students take part in preparatory training and yearly over 1700 persons are participating in other types of training arranged by Tredu with its 1000 staff members. This all makes Tredu the second largest vocational college in Finland.
Tampere Vocational College Tredu provides education within several Basic Vocational Qualifications, Further Qualifications and Specialist Qualifications.
The Aircraft Maintenance Training was started in 1996.

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is an active player in international activities. International atmosphere can be sensed in Tredu campuses through different people and visitors with various backgrounds, thematic happenings and not least by internationally-oriented content in the curricula.

Savo Vocational College is a regional vocational institute located in the heart of the beautiful lake district in Eastern Finland. Lakes, rich flora and hilly countryside are essential characteristics of the natural beauty of the area. Savo Vocational College arranges vocational education and training for school leavers and adults, whereas Varkaus Upper Secondary School provides general upper secondary education. In addition, the college is an active partner to local business life. Savo Vocational College operates in the whole area of North Savo Region, the main place is the city of Kuopio. The Aircraft Maintenance Training was started in 2001.
The economic life of the region focuses on modern business, information, welfare and environment technologies. Wood and food production are the most important traditional industries. Tourism and service industries play an important role. The main export sectors include forest and metal industries as well as biotechnology.

Monday 08 October: Workinggroupmeetings (For WG-members only) start at 14.00 hours.

Tuesday 09 October: As off 08.30 hours a check-in desk will be opened at the conference hotel where you can register and receive an information package.

Opening of meeting at 09.00, closure at about 17.00 hours, including buffet lunch.

18.15 hours  Departure for social event. Dresscode casual.

Wednesday 10 October:
Opening of meeting at 08.30 hours, closure at 12.00 hours, take-away lunch available afterwards.
Supervisorboardmeeting (For SB-members only) start at 14.00 hours.

Please check here for the agenda.

Please first register and then book the hotel. (Otherwise you forget to register.)

The hotel were the GA is held is the “Original Sokos Hotel Ilves”.
To register please follow these instructions.

An other hotel is:
Hotel Scandic Tampere Station,

Travel Information
Should you have problems finding a good flight connection, consider using the train and bus services from Helsinki airport to Tampere. It’s approx 2hrs by train and 2,5 hrs by bus.


Railway timetables and tickets from Helsinki Airport to Tampere:

Bus timetables and tickets from Helsinki Airport to Tampere:


Meeting Agenda:  Agenda Tampere



Date: 9 Oct 2018
End date: 10 Oct 2018
Location: Tampere

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