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Romain WagnerRomain Wagner

Dear Marc,

with the increased membership fee I have not directly an issue as we effectively have seen an increase over the last years of all costs , so that I voted for it.
But you are right we should concentrate more again on our core business at EAMTC , myself and some other colleagues were missing the more detailed presentations / discussions and Workgroups at the GA about recent respective future changes in EASA Regulations impacting our daily business. Like the EASA Part-66 changes applicable from June 2024 on. Part-147 changes to come !?
Yes we saw a few slides but no changes were really discussed or highlighted.
An instructor seminar would be a good opportunity again for our trainers to meet at their level!?
Shortage of people in aviation and in technical areas in general is impacting us all in Part-147 as in Part-145 , so it should be more in our focus for the coming times.

Kind regards,
Romain Wagner

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