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I understand that costs have risen across the board and that may have been the primary reason for the fee increase, but longtime members like Marc and Romain raise a good point regarding what members are getting for their investment.

It is my belief that the absence of an instructor seminar and less detail and engagement in major regulatory initiatives is a result of “pandemic hangover”. Value added initiatives were discontinued because the pandemic restrictions made it impossible to perform effectively. But just as the recent EASA decision regarding examination policies for distance learning address a return to more effective practices, our organization should shake off the lingering COVID aftereffects and do the same. While I haven’t had the opportunity to attend an in person meeting recently I always found the spirited debate and insight to regulatory intent very valuable, especially as foreign organization. Likewise our instructors always had positive experiences attending the seminars.

It’s my opinion that focusing on a return to these standards will go a long way to reconciling the additional expense to our membership.

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Jay Pointek
Delta Air Line TechOps Training

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