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Thank you, Marc for raising this.
I also support that the value for the members and the costs should be related. There were significantly less activities for the past years, for obvious reasons, indeed.
The cost structure also changed with new remunerations a few years ago. Though 12% is not breaking the bank for most of us, I share the viewpoint that the vote should have been aligned with future plans and shaping of the EAMTC, not the other way around.

Apart from the member fee, costs for attendees have also gone up. For each member it is an investment of actual money, time and effort. Value for (all) the members should be discussed openly.

What I heard last meeting there are three main reasons for people to join: 1. networking, 2. training and sharing in training and industry challenges and opportunities and 3. the authorities/ legislation side of our activities (in any order).
Though others may have a different analyses, people are there for different reasons and though an attempt is made, are we meeting the needs of the members and attendees sufficiently in the current set-up (of the meetings) to remain a sustainable and successful platform in the future? I am not so confident at this point and wish I were, as the EAMTC has provided and can provide great value to the industry and its members.
In that sense, Marc, I fully agree that value and costs (investment!) should be discussed in relation…

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