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    Dear colleagues,
    Anybody willing to share what QDB you are using in your P-147 org?
    And feedback if satisfied or not?

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      Lionel ETIENNELionel ETIENNE


      In Aerocampus-Aquitaine for basic training we are using Gems provided by ASTech.

      We are quite sastisfied as the software is reliable with no bugs in exam layout. Nevertheless, the user interface is quite old but pretty much easy to use.

      I hope it will help.

      Warm regards.

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      Many thanks Lionel.
      Same here for our P-147 org.
      Plus, pricing structure/increases drives our “bean counters” to ask for more options.

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      Andrew GoldAndrew Gold

      Hi Marc, Here’s an option: All questions in the ATB QDBs are derived directly from the ATB B1, B2, and Cat-A modules. Each is 4x (including essays) and currently formatted to OSAC/FOCA standards. (2023-989 updates are in the works). I’m happy to send you details including the current matrix, user agreements, and sample questions for you to assess the quality. Please write back if you want to discuss, or I’ll see you in a couple weeks in Munich. andy@actechbooks.com

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      Hi Andy,
      Many thanks for the feedback.
      Sandra will be in Munich so you can show her what you have. Thanks.
      Is this also for TYPE examinations ?

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      Andrew GoldAndrew Gold

      Marc, Just basic from us. B1.1, B2, and Cat-A. Then once all the 2023-989 updates are done will add for M12 and 16. Although I might be able to give you a referral for type. For which airplanes? I’ll look into it and discuss later with Sandra.

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