Dear members,

as posted in our “Brief note for the new year” dated January 24th 2018, we will have 2 votings at the next General Assembly on April 10th / 11th.

  1. Amendment of the Articles of Association and charter
  2. Nomination of 4 supervisoryboard members

Ad. 1 Our Governance Working Group sent the following message to the Executive Committe:

Dear members of the EC,

It is with pride that we present to you the final draft of the Articles of Association (AoA) of the EAMTC and we would like to General Assembly to vote upon this draft in the upcoming EAMTC meeting in Haarlem, The Netherlands (10-11 April 2018).

As requested by the GA in Lulea, Sweden, we have prepared this draft taking into account the new phase the EAMTC is getting into. Over the last years, the EAMTC has grown in number of members and impact within the technical aviation industry. The new AoA takes this into account by introducing a Supervisory Board and improved checks & balances.

The draft was discussed during the EAMTC meeting in Frankfurt in autumn last year and all remarks made by members during and after that meeting have been taken into account.

Of course, we will be present in the EAMTC meeting to be able to respond to any last questions there might be.

Kind regards,

The Governance Working Group

Olaf Hoftijzer, Bulent Topcu, Carlos Unger, Laurence Barreau, Gunnar Andersson

Final draft AoA Mar_16_2018

Note: For legal requirments, based on the existing charter, the vote for the amendment of the charter at the General Membership Meeting  has to be done within the municipality of Amsterdam!


ARTICLE 1 (NAME AND REGISTERED OFFICE) The Association shall have its registered office in the municipality of Amsterdam.

ARTICLE 11 (THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING) The General Membership Meeting shall be held in the municipality where the Association has its registered office.

Our meeting venue in Haarlem does not lay within the Municipality of Amsterdam. Therefore, we have adjusted the meeting agenda. – Agenda_68th EAMTC-GA-R3

Our social event will take us to Amsterdam and therefore, give us the opportunity to do the voting downtown Amsterdam as soon as we arrive. Our lawyer will be representing the notary office during the casting of the vote, respectively, collection of the ballot papers.  Ballot paper AoA

The second vote: “Nomination of the supervisoryboard members” shall take place at our meeting venue in Haarlem on April 11th as planned, as this concerns only a by-law.

If you have any questions to the votes or the procedures, feel free to contact me.

With best regards,

Harald Strehling

EC Secretary

+43 676 9555 401


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