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    Hi David,
    No additional charges in Luxembourg. Off course, NAA has the right to go and audit the facilities or trainings and in that case we would need to cover the expenses.

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    Tommy LaitinenTommy Laitinen

    Hi Marc,

    I have some experience form a 145 and 147 perspective. I am interested in participating.

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    Hi Tommy,
    Many thanks. I hope we will get some more replies and can launch something.
    Will you be in Bodo for the next GA ?
    Wishing a nice weekend.
    Best regards

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    Tommy LaitinenTommy Laitinen

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, I plan on attending the meeting in Bodo. Hopefully more are interested as this is a good topic.



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    Romain WagnerRomain Wagner

    Dear all,

    We are currently looking for a 737NG CBT provider for Continuation Training of our Part-145 maintenance staff.
    All relevant ATA chapters should be covered with a small test at the end.
    This CBT training will be used for continuation training at min. LVL. II.
    The composition of ATA’s chapters should be modifiable so that we could adapt the CBT content to the trainees background depending if he his a B1.1 or B2 technician as to our annual refresher training program content. Beside this the learning management system should after successful completion send out a certificate to the attendee & Admin..
    All offers & support is welcome.
    In advance thank you.

    With best regards from Luxembourg.
    Romain Wagner

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    Dear Romain,

    We already developed the online CBT continuation trainings on aircraft types, including B737NG. These trainings are tailored to the Part-145 certifying/support staff cat. B1.1 and B2.

    The training content is as follows:

    1) Part 1 Typical Faults & Maintenance Errors
    2) Part 2 Additional/New Aircraft Systems & Sub-systems
    3) Part 3 Maintenance Tips
    4) Part 4 Common modifications (SBs, STCs, minor mods)
    5) Part 5 Airworthiness Directives with the maintenance impact
    6) Part 6 Important changes of the maintenance data (e.g. AMM, FIM)

    It may be customized further to your particular needs.

    Please contact me if you need any additional information.

    Best regards,

    Vladislav Berlev

    Training Center “Aviator”
    EAMTC Member

    Tel. (office): +7(499)398-26-88, ext. 11
    Tel. (mob.): +7(926)4971183

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    Hi David,

    This issue (and the admin/time required to support and submit a Remote Site Application) was raised at the UK CAA 147 Seminar last week. Suggestion was to start a Working Group on the topic led by Tim Wright. He asked interested parties to drop him an email.



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    Dear Marc and Tommy,

    I also have some experience in implementing the Lean technology at Part-145 AMOs and Part-147 AMTOs. Would be nice to share the ideas at the Bodo meeting,

    Best regards,


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    Great. Thanks Vlad. Looking forward.

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    Edwin de VriesEdwin de Vries

    HI David,

    No Fixed charges for oversight in the Netherlands (CAA-NL), for remote locations they charge travel and accommodation charges.


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    Ricardo TetterooRicardo Tetteroo

    Dear All,

    Please take a look at the following member request.

    Appreciate if you can circulate below requirement to source basic course notes. This is to find out possibility of sourcing following EASA part 66 Basic Training student notes from a possible notes provider.

    Category B1.1 – MODULE 11A. TURBINE AEROPLANE AERODYNAMICS, STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS (Should be sufficient enough to deliver 350 hours of M11 basic theoretical training)

    Category B1.1 – MODULE 15. GAS TURBINE ENGINE (Should be sufficient enough to deliver 180 hours of M15 basic theoretical training)

    Category B2 – MODULE 13. AIRCRAFT AERODYNAMICS, STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS LEVEL (Should be sufficient enough to deliver 550 hours of M13 basic theoretical training)

    If there are any prospective notes providers please contact: Primal De Silva/ e-mail: / mobile: +94710211949.

    Thank You & Best Regards,

    Primal De Silva

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    We are seeking for an AIRBUS A330 (RR RB 211 Trent 700) type course complete B1&B2 but it needs to be provided in spanish language.

    You can also answer at:

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,
    Hans Deeke

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    Dear colleagues,
    Does anyone have some courses (or course material) ready ref the EU Ops regulations 965/2012 (where maintenance is part of the target group!) ??
    Looking forward to your replies.
    Best regards

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    Loic NicolasLoic Nicolas

    Dear Marc,

    Hope you’re doing well.
    We, QCM, have this training in our offer.
    Please see below the link or feel free to contact me directly at

    This is a “3” days session incorporating Air Crew licences. But we can customize at your convenience related to the wished topics for 1 or 2 days so that Maintenance staff can get familiar with this regulation.
    This training is delivered by one of our 2 pilots/consultants.

    I remain at your dispsoal for any further information you may have.
    Best Regards
    Loïc Nicolas

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    Dear colleges: Have you a document similar to IATA MASTER MAINTENACE SERVICES AGRREMET?,IF NO IS THE EAMTC A PROYECT TO DEVELOP SOMO SIMILAR DOCUMENT? if yes can you share it with all members

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